XP Fit Gym Equipment up to 10 years guarantee


We stand firmly behind out products and all gym equipment we sell is build to last. All XP Fit®, STUN® and Unfiltered Strength® gym equipment products are covered by at least two years warranty. Below is a list of items that are covered by longer warranty:

  • All frames of racks, machines, benches, etc.: made of reinforced steel and powder-coated for extra durability- 10 years warranty

Our standard frame thickness is 3mm which is optimal for providing superior strength to the frames without unreasonably increasing their weight.

With proper care, these will last a lifetime - a true long-term investment.

Part of a power rack frame from XP Fit Limited

  • Parts of frames, racks, machines, benches, etc.: pads, pins, bolts, handles, wheels, cables and other - 2 years warranty

These items are made of durable materials, such as metal, wood, vegan leather, polyurethane.

They are usually parts that could become subject to wear and tear in busy commercial environments where best practices are not always observed by the users. Take good care of them and you may never need to change any of these elements.

Part of an adjustable bench from XP Fit with roller pads

  • Barbells, weight plates, dumbbells & flooring: made of cast iron, rubber, PU - 2 years warranty

Our weights and barbells are made of cast iron and reinforced steel respectively. Like frames, these can last a lifetime if handled reasonably.

The outer coating of our weights is made of rubber or polyurethane and flooring tiles are made of rubber too. These are also reliable and durable materials.

Please be mindful of the excessive usage to which such items are often subjected. Treat them well and they will serve you for many years to come.

Tri-grip weight plate from XP Fit Limited

  • Most cardio equipment and machines: various materials (steel, plastic, rubber, etc.) - 2 years warranty

These machines contain numerous different components and are designed to withstand heavy usage, especially in commercial environments.

Maintenance should be proportionate to the use frequency with commercial gyms requiring regular service. Keep this in mind and apply it and your cardio machines will remain in great condition.

Professional treadmill from XP Fit Limited

    All that is needed for you to resolve any faults with your equipment or address any concerns is to contact us with your order number in the most convenient way for you. Your order number can be found in the confirmation email sent to you after you placed your order as well as in the shipping confirmation email sent at the time of dispatch. You can find our contact information on our "Contact us" page.

    We do our best to resolve all issues regarding any of our products with which a customer is not satisfied in a quick and efficient fashion.

    We will repair any faults or damages whenever possible. In cases when this is not achievable, we will replace the item if is in stock, or refund it if it is not available.

    * Warranty may be voided for any product which has been damaged or developed a fault due to negligence or improper use, alteration, maintenance, storage or handling by the user. Normal wear and tear are not included in the warranty. In order for the Return Policy and Warranty to remain valid, we must be notified immediately for any damages, faults, or other issues with any of our equipment.